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Stone Temple Pilots - Live At Tyson Events Center, Sioux City, IA 03-24-2010

Live At Tyson Events Center, Sioux City, IA 03-24-2010


01 Vasoline
02 Crackerman
03 Wicked Garden
04 Hollywood Bitch
05 Between the Lines
06 Hickory Dichotomy
07 Big Empty
08 Sour Girl
09 Creep Intro
10 Creep
11 Country Jam
12 Plush
13 Queen teases
14 Interstate Love Song
15 Bagman
16 Huckleberry Crumble
17 Jam
18 Sex Type Thing
19 Dead And Bloated
20 Lounge Fly
21 Piece Of Pie
22 Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Taper & Filmer: Alzeppelin


Location:  40 feet from stage right PA stack Lower Level

Video Equipment:  Unk video camera 720p HD mpeg 4 video files (static shot)
Video Source: 720p > AVS Video Editor > DVD (ntsc)
Audio Sources:  Coresound CSB High-end Binaural mics -> M-Audio Microtrack II 16bit/44khz + Robert Deleo's Earfeed (stereo)

All Audio and Video Editing by **Silver Stallion Productions**


First off, a *huge* thank you to Silver Stallion Productions for his invaluable help with this DVD.

I was pleasantly surpised at how good this show was given Weiland's irratic (what's new?) performances on this tour.  From what I could
see he was only slightly drunk as opposed to being completely blasted like he was the previous night in Kansas City.  Filmed from the lower
level about 45 degrees from stage right and is a static shot but fairly stable given I was holding the camera all night.  The real star of this
DVD is the exceptional audio.  I'd like to thank Silver Stallion for making the killer audio matrix and the Phog for his never-ending earfeed knowledge.


Part 1: 900 MB

Part 2: 900 MB

Part 3: 900 MB

Part 4: 900 MB

Part 5: 622,86 MB

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