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LA Guns - Live At Sodo Club, Colorado Springs, Co 06-23-2009

Live At Sodo Club, Colorado Springs, Co 06-23-2009


01 Girl You Turn Me On Intro
02 Nothin To Lose
03 Electric Gypsy
04 Sex Action
05 Decide
06 Bitch Is Back
07 One More Reason
08 Never Enough
09 Dream Time
10 The Ballad Of Jayne
11 Over The Edge
12 Hell Raisers Ball
13 Toys In The Attic (Aerosmith Cover)
14 No Mercy
15 Spinning Wheel
16 NWay Cool Jr
17 Rip N Tear

By: Sikki


Lineage: JVC Everio 40 Zoom Dual Memory Camcorder>mpeg streamclip for trimming video>Nero 7 For authoring and Track splitting.

1st show of the tour with Jizzy Pearl back in the band. Shot from 2nd row.
Jizzy doesn't like to be filmed and he actually called me out for filming them at the beginning of Hell raisers ball but nothing came of it. Fast forward a year and I go to film them again......He remembered me and had me thrown out half way through the 1st song LOL!!!

This is NTSC format and since I am the filmer of this one ill let you judge the quality of this show. It has great close ups and good audio


Part 1: 900 MB


Part 2: 900 MB


Part 3: 900 MB


Part 4: 25,5 MB


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