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Alice In Chains - Live At Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa, Ontario 07-14-2013

Live At Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa, Ontario 07-14-2013


01. Them Bones
02. Hollow
03. Check My Brain
04. Your Decision
05. Down In a Hole
06. Stone
07. No Excuses
08. Man In The Box
09. Would
10. Rooster

Taped by: bootlegottawa


H2 Zoom > Audacity > Traders Little Helper

Great Show.  I caught them in Camden NJ earlier this year but this was
far superior. Sound was amazing and guys were playing great.

Sadly this recording does not reflect this.  Levels were too high.  I paid little
attention as i was attempting to vid record at same time and
didnt worry too much about audio....

Consider yourself warned.  I recommend you download a track to see
if your interested.

Awesome show, however

Download: 315 MB!YIYD0ayZ!N3cFMnxOhDO8z2jISjVCvXuSfzNgnYD-ig_LggJMgI8

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