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Alice In Chains - Tasty White Powder 1989

Tasty White Powder 1989


01 Distance Aside (Jan. '89 Demo)
02 Foolish (Jan. '89 Demo)
03 Blue (Jan. '89 Demo)
04 We've Become (Jan. '89 Demo)
05 Look (Jan. '89 Demo)
06 Dirt (Dirt Demo)
07 Junkhead (Dirt Demo)
08 There's No Time (Dirt Demo)
09 Them Bones (Dirt Demo)
10 Would? (Dirt Demo)
11 Got Me Wrong (Sap Demo)
12 Brother (Sap Demo)
13 Rooster (Dirt Demo)
14 Bleed The Freek (Publisher Demo)
15 We Die Young (Publisher Demo)
16 Sunshine (Publisher Demo)
17 The Real Thing (Publisher Demo)

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  2. For those of you who are fans of 5 Alice in Chains demo songs that have shown up on bootlegs sometimes called Tasty White Powder, 1989 Demo Tape or Alice in Chains: Unchained Rarities, I have some news for you. The 5 demo tracks known as Distance Aside, Foolish, Blue, We've Come and Look were not written or recorded by Alice in Chains. These songs are from a demo tape released in 1993 by another Seattle band called Thread

  3. The band that actually wrote Distance Aside, Foolish, Blue, We've Come and Look (names are not all correct) is actually another Seattle band called thread. They have a website now: http://www.threadseattle.com/