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Dream Circus - Fear Ep 2011

Fear Ep 2011


Dream Circus started in 2009 as James and his brother William Powell (drums) recorded the first 2 song demo at JAP estudios in Lisbon, Portugal. Soon after they joined up with Sandro on Bass and started to build the band's live set and subsequently performing all over the country....In April 2010 Ricardo joined the band on drums, and the band began working on their first collective recording, an EP titled "Fear".....may 2010 the band records at Ultrasound Studios in Braga, Portugal with producer Pedro Mendes (WAKO, A LAST DAY ON EARTH, ANGELUS APATRIDA, HEAVENWOOD) . Fred Rosa joined the band shortly after and the band signed with Casket-Copro Records with a release date for the Ep scheduled for early 2011. Now a tight unit, playing a no frills , heavy yet melodic rock Dream Circus will be touring extensively in support of the "Fear" Ep in Portugal , and the UK.....See you on the road!


01 My Own Enemy
02 Fear
03 Lie
04 My Own Enemy

Ep en mp3, 20,77 MB
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