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The Darkness - Live At The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 02-21-2012

 Live At The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA 02-21-2012


01 Intro
02 Black Shuck
03 Growing On Me
04 Best Of Me
05 One Way Ticket
06 Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
07 Get Your Hands Off My Woman
08 I Can't Believe It's Not Love
09 Back For Good (Take That) - Snippet - Talk
10 Holding My Own
11 Love Is Only A Feeling
12 Concrete
13 Friday Night
14 Hazel Eyes
15 Physical Sex
16 Is It Just Me?
17 Street Spirit (Radiohead)
18 She Just A Girl, Eddie
19 Givin' Up
20 Stuck In A Rut
21 Guitar Solo
22 I Believe In A Thing Called Love
23 Encore Break
24 Bareback
25 Talk
26 Love On The Rocks With No Ice


Zoom H2-->WAV-->Audacity to raise volume, trash right side, double left side, and try to reduce bass-->CD Wave for track splitting-->you guys

This was the second time the Darkness played the bay area. The first time was Slims in 2003 - which was amazing. I'd bought an import of the first album after reading about them in UK music magazines, listened to it constantly, and was decently blown away by the show (which has a very nice recording going around, not made by me but posted by me some years ago). It was nice to see them again, and it was a bit like no time had passed.

This show was all of the songs from the Slims show (minus Makin' Out), with the addition of the one Permission To Land song they didn't play that night (Holding My Own), a few songs from the second album, and a bunch of new songs. Good time.

I recorded this on the rail directly in front of the speakers at the right side of the stage, and it sounds pretty decent. I think things get a little "off" during the last song, because Justin did his usual solo through the crowd starting right next to me.

Download: 418,6 MB

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