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Queens Of The Stone Age - Rarities And B-Sides 2005

Rarities And B-Sides 2005


01 Millionaire (Troy Mix Version)
02 18 Ad
03 Bloody Hammer (Roky Ericson Cover)
04 Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Unkle Remix)
05 Jealous Again (Black Flag Cover)
06 Burn The Witch (Unkle Variation)
07 Gonna Leave You (Spanish Version)
08 Precious And Grace
09 Little Sister (Contradictator Remix)
10 You're So Vague (Rated R Bonus Track)
11 Don't Talk To Me (Live GG Allin Cover)
12 Go With The Flow (Early Version)
13 The Blood Is Love (Contradictator Remix)
14 Infinity
15 Allen's Wrench (Kyuss Cover Live)
16 Do It Again (Demo)
17 God Is In The Radio (Early Version)
18 No One Knows (Early Version)
19 No One Knows (Unkle Reconstruction Radio Edit)

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