viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Queens of the Stone Age-Roxwel Acoustic, Austin, TX 2007

Queens of the Stone Age are a hard rock band from Palm Desert, California. The band’s current lineup consists of guitarist/vocalist Josh Homme, guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, drummer Joey Castillo, bassist Michael Shuman, and multinstrumentalist Dean Fertita, though notable former members include Dave Grohl (Nirvana) and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden). Homme - formerly of early 1990’s stoner rock band Kyuss - is the founding member of the band, having assembled the band in 1996 under the name Gamma Ray. The band in its early stages began receiving legal threats from a German metal band named also named Gamma Ray, prompting a change to the somewhat nonsensical moniker Queens of The Stone Age. The new name stuck; after releasing a self titled album in 1998 on an independent record label the band began to court the attention of major labels, signing a contract with Interscope in 1999 that remains to this day. Queens of the Stone Age made their major label debut with the release of Rated R in 2000, scoring a minor hit with "The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret" and nabbing the band touring slots with the likes of Foo Fighters and Hole. In the wake of their successful first album, Queens of the Stone Age released their second album Songs for the Deaf two years later in 2002 to massive critical acclaim - it is often considered by fans to be their best record. The album is intended to simulate the many radio stations a finicky listener might switch between on a long drive, leading the band to experiment with a more rich and diverse sound than can be found on their previous releases. Notable tracks include "No One Knows", "First It Giveth", and "Go with the Flow"

QOTSA broke out the acoustic guitars and some keys for 20 lucky 101x winners at La Zona Rosa in Austin,Texas. The stories are hilarious and the songs are QOTSAwesome! They performed "3's & 7's", "Suture Up Your Future", "Make It Wit Chu", and a rare Elliott Smith cover "Christian Brothers". Make sure to check out Toby Ryan's interview with Josh Homme for the UnCut series at 

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