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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Live At Shinjyuku Liquid Room, Tokyo 01-22-1997

Live At Shinjyuku Liquid Room, Tokyo 01-22-1997


01 Opening Theme
02 Get With It
03 Bellbottoms
04 Wail
05 Train #3
06 Cool Vee
07 Afro
08 Blues X Man
09 Down Low
10 The Feeling Of Love
11 Fuck Shit Up
12 Water Main
13 Love All Of Me
14 Hot Shot
15 Chicken Dog
16 Sticky
17 The Vacuum Of Loneliness
18 Sticky (Reprise)
19 Skunk
20 Can't Stop
21 R.L. Got Soul
22 All Aboard
23 2 Kindsa Love
24 Flavor


silver cd > WAV > MAGIX music studio generation 6 deLuxe >
WAV > FLAC 8 > rp61hawk > DIME

Here's another live recording from my JSBX silver cd collection.
It's one of two Japan dates contained on the 2xcd 'Make It Fucked Up' - cat no. TSV010/011
The bootleg cd release consists of two live Tokyo shows (Alasaka Blitz 20.1.97 + Liquid Room 22.1.97)
plus the 'In The Red' - jukebox series and some early b-sides.
I won't be sharing the latter two sections as they're official material...

The Liquid Room show here (unlike the bonus Alasaka Blitz section) is complete,
and although the two shows may be from the same taper source,
this sounds better, it's an amazing audience recording.
I have made new track marks on this as I didn't like where most of them started,
and there was a repeated 10 seconds fade in/out section which i've now made seamless...
I made independent slipcase covers for both live recordings (one of which i've included here)
Also included is a scan of the exclusive art I made for the front of this cover,
and a scan of the sleeve from the original release...

*NOTE* Like the Akasaka Blitz show I shared recently that compliments this here,
a circulated bootleg video is said to exist, if anyone has a copy i'd love to see it,
I'd like to attempt syncing this excellent audio recording to it if that on the video is poor...

Enjoy! rp61 2012

Download: 517 MB

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