viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Hugo Race - Live At L'Archiduc, Brussels, Belgium 10-10-2011

Live At L'Archiduc, Brussels, Belgium 10-10-2011


01 See The Future Fold
02 Extreme Lengths
03 In The Pines
04 Never Say Never
05 Too Many Zeroes
06 Lucky Stars
07 White
08 No Stereotype
09 Ghost Rider
10 Shining Light
11 Sun City Casino
12 Temperature
13 Never Gonna Give You Up
14 Will You Wake Up
15 Nightvision
16 Call Her Name

Concierto en mp3, 80,24 MB
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Vbr 128 kbps


5 comentarios:

  1. Hello, Kim. is dead.
    Please, reupload all concerts of Hugo Race and Hugo Race & Fatalists on mediafire if possible. That would be very kind of you. I would be grateful.

  2. Respuestas
    1. Thanks! But what about other Hugo Race links ("Live In Rome", "Live At CDQ..." and "Live At Dragon...")? Is it possible to reupload these links too? Please, answer anyway.

  3. I found this blog recently and i thinks is amazing!
    This bootleg sounds interesting, but the link is dead again.
    is there any possibility of re-up this one?
    Cheers from Mexico City, and thanks for share great music! Gabriel H.