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Halestorm - Live At Myth Nightclub, Maplewood, MN 12-13-2013

 Live At Myth Nightclub, Maplewood, MN 12-13-2013


01 Love Bites (So Do I)
02 Mz. Hyde
03 It's Not You
04 Freak Like Me
05 You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing
06 Lzzy Welcome
07 Innocence
08 Lzzy Banter
09 Don't Know How To Stop
10 Lzzy Banter
11 Daughters Of Darkness
12 Rock Show
13 Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
14 Break In
15 Familiar Taste Of Poison
16 Arejay Hale Drum Solo
17 Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)
18 I Get Off
19 Encore Break
20 I Miss The Misery
21 Lzzy Goodnight
22 Here's To Us

Recorded by Hurricane62 from immediately to the front of the stage-left corner of the stage, just above floor level on side mezzanine.

Audio Technica SP-CMC-2 Cardioid Mics -> SP-SPSB-11 Battery Box with Bass Rolloff set at 107 Hz -> Sony PCM-M10 (44.1 MHz/16 bit) with Limiter ON and Low Pass Filter OFF -> WavePad (Eq & track splitting) -> Audacity (+1 dB Left channel for balance) -> converted to .flac using Traders Little Helper (SBE's fixed, flac level 8)

Great show on a freezing cold, full house, Friday night.  Waited outside for 2 hours in the 0°F/-18°C weather to ensure that I got the "sweet spot" in this venue.  The main floor tends to be packed, hot, and raucous with mosh-pits and body surfing (even at shows where these activities may not be quite appropriate).  To the stage-left side of the stage is a mezzanine at the same elevation as the stage that also offers the advantage of a bar rail for setting your drink, camera, or gear.  This biases the recording from the stage-left stack (in the right microphone) so I added +1 dB to the left channel.

Because past recordings at this venue have turned out to be a bit "boomy" I set my bass rolloff a little higher than usual at 107 Hz and added 2 dB to the mids (400-1200 Hz) with a little post-production Eq.

Samples are included or you can check out my YouTube videos that have been synced to this audio source.


"Love Bites (So Do I)" video:
"You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing" video:
"Gold DUst Woman (Fleetwood Mac Cover)" video:
Arejay Hale Drum Solo & "Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)" video:
"Here's To Us" video:

Pop Evil and Redlight King were also recorded and will be uploaded as soon as I get caught up with my audio/video projects.

To all that download this recording,

Please do not convert this to lossy (mp3) format and then share in a public forum.  If you want to convert to mp3 for your own use, have at it!  Diluting the bootleg pool only hurts the collector that appreciates a lossless source.  Let all those poor folks with full hard drives and slow internet service download the lossless version and convert it themselves.  Feel free to share publicly in lossless format, but please keep the information file and artwork with the audio files and make sure that you give the taper the credit that he (me) is due.  Never sell - share or trade (in lossless) freely.

Avoid sites like HOB and G101 to keep the filth off of your computer.

Thank you & Enjoy!


Download: 478 MB!rxojybLa!XLU8wSDGKR4JiSvhpjlorAt8g35QZc3Ifr7s95Bp0U8

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